Services Provided

Shannon Spence and Associates is a registered provider with National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) for the following areas:

  • Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages / Transitions and Supports, Assistive Equipment for Recreation, and Innovative Community Participation. 
  • Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement, Daily Personal Activities, Development of Daily Living and Life Skills, Household Tasks, Therapeutic Support. 
  • Support Coordination, including higher intensity Specialist Support Coordination. 
  • Assistance to Access and/or Maintain Employment and/or Education. 
  • Assistance with Travel / Transport Arrangements, Group and Centre Based Activities, Participation in Community / Social and Civic Activities, Accommodation / Tenancy Assistance, including Short-Term Transitional Support for Accommodation. 
  • Behaviour Support, including Positive Behaviour Support Management Plans and Intensive Behaviour Intervention Supports.
  • Counselling for an Individual, as well as Mentoring and Peer Support.
  • Social Work with an Individual – Australian Accredited Social Worker (AASW).
  • Specialised Individual Therapy for Early Childhood.
  • Specialist Assessment of Skills, Abilities and Needs.
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